Driving Lessons: Everything you need to know

People often have multiple queries when it comes to the low-down for driving lessons. Therefore, in this article we will be covering the most common queries and questions and answering them in the best way possible, to give you everything you need to be aware of before beginning your driving journey.


How many lessons do I need?

The average learner driver needs 20 hours of practice to pass the practical test, in addition to 45 hours of on-the-road training. This is only an average though and shouldn’t be something you feel like your need compare yourself too! As for the theory test, it varies depending on how much work and revision is put in prior to taking the test, to ensure you are test ready!

Everyone learns differently – some people find learning difficult while others take it easily without much trouble at all. Star Drivers tailor lessons for each individual according their unique style (and abilities) so they can master this skill as quickly as possible with minimal frustration or anxiety:

We believe every student has natural strengths which aid them when mastering new skills such as those needed behind the wheel; accordingly our aim through coaching programs isn’t just success but empowerment by identifying personal.

When can you start driving lessons?

If you want to learn how to drive in the UK, there are some basic requirements that need be fulfilled before taking any courses.

First and foremost of all: You must be at least 17 years old with a valid provisional driving licence if learning on your own or when enrolled into an enhanced rate PIP class which allows students as young as 16-year olds can begin lessons immediately after they turn eligible for driving privileges.

Further requirements for starting driving lessons include:

You must be able read license plates from 20 meters away – glasses if needed
Your passenger has their own driver’s license over 21 years old who’s had at least 3 years full car usage under their belt within the UK.
You learn inside of qualified instructors vehicle because this makes sure safety standards are met while also ensuring both parties understand what needs done correctly during each lesson session.

What do you do on your first driving lesson?

It can be a bit daunting to start your first driving lesson, but you’ll feel more confident after mastering the basics.

First off all- a good driving instructor who knows what they are doing like at Star Drivers, will take care of getting into some quiet road where we can go over everything together without any distractions! This will include all the fundamentals such as the cockpit drill, pedals and gears.

Cockpit Drill

All learner drivers should carry out this exercise when they get in the car and it’s usually one of the first things you’re taught by their approved driving instructor. The cockpit drill consists on checking your doors, seatbelt, steering wheel to make sure that everything is secure before starting up:

Doors – Check all door locks are engaged as well as any windows latches or sunroof Hinges which could cause injury if opened unexpectedly while driving; also check for signs indicating whether there has been an accident at nearby highway traffic lights.

Seat and Steering – In order to prevent injury, you should adjust your seat and headrest so that the controls are within reach. If an accident does happen it will reduce the risk of neck whiplash by keeping them in a neutral position during impact!

Seatbelts – Ensure yourself and anyone else in the car have fastened their seatbelts.

Mirrors – Ensure your mirrors are positioned so that the blind spots are reduced as much as possible.

For further information on your first driving lesson, please click here.

How long is a driving lesson?

Lessons are available in 2 hour slots.

Discounted Block Driving Lesson bookings are also available here at Star Drivers.

In addition to your practical driving test fee, you will need to book a 3-hour session (Instructors time and use of car for test).

Lastly, learning to drive is a big responsibility and it can be scary, especially as a young driver. But even if you’re nervous, don’t worry – your instructor has seen everything before! With time (and practice) driving will become more second nature in no time at all.