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Emelia Coop
I can’t imagine I would have been able to pass my test with anyone other than Fiona! She is an excellent driving instructor that really helped me build by confidence in my own abilities & become a safe driver. She helped me correct a lot of bad driving habits I had picked up over the years and always found different methods to teach if one way was not working. I found the written up notes invaluable as they highlighted weaknesses but also made me feel very confident in how far I had come and progressed. A massive thank you to Fiona - if you’re looking for a patient & kind driving instructor, I couldn’t recommend her any more!! 🌟
Emelia Coop
Amber S2469
I had the best experience learning to drive with Fiona. She was calm and patient with me from the start. She helped me to gain more and more confidence each lesson and always encouraged me to keep trying when I found things difficult. I would 100% recommend learning to drive with Fiona at star driver!
Amber S2469
George Langley
George Langley
Lucie Drew
I would highly recommend Fiona at Star Drivers as a driving instructor as she is very patient, makes you feel calm, but encourages you to keep improving. Fiona provides super helpful tips for passing your driving test, and to drive as safely as possible. I 100% recommend!
Lucie Drew
Molly Vowell
Fiona wasn’t my first instructor but definitely my last , really easy to get along with … having had my confidence knocked with other instructors Fiona was amazing at not only building it up again but making me a safe driver too !!!she also sends notes after each lesson telling you what went well / things to improve and next lesson plans … this is so helpful and clear of what you need to do to get better — First time pass with her !! Can’t thank you enough ❤️
Molly Vowell
Isaac Gibbs
Fantastic learning experience with Fiona. She is calm, methodical and friendly. Each lesson you'll revieve a breakdown of the lesson, including what went well and what area/s which could be improved apon, which massively helps when learning the road and building confidence. She is always willing to help with any concerns whether it be driving or nerves. I'd highly recommend Star drivers to anyone, it's been a fun learning to drive again, and I was able to pass first time thanks to Fiona 🙂
Isaac Gibbs
Codie Bishop
I had a lush experience with fiona star drivers! she’s helped so much and was very professional the hole way through, i passed even though i had limited time. 100% recommend!
Codie Bishop
George Baker
Fiona is a brilliant driving instructor. She puts so much effort into helping you progress as a driver and to increase your confidence on the road. Fiona is calm, patient and friendly. I would 100% recommend learning to drive with Fiona at Star Drivers.
George Baker
Fiona was brilliant, patient, understanding and gave me so many great tips to pass my test. I'm over the moon. Will remember her words of wisdom every time I'm behind the wheel! Most supportive driving instructor ever. Thank you so much.
Molly Fleming
Molly Fleming

A Local Driving Instructor

Hi, I’m Fiona a qualified driving instructor and owner of Star Drivers.

I focus on preparing new drivers to be safe on the roads ahead by training them in the safest driving methods and skills, which make them more than ready to pass their driving test.

I’ve been driving for over 30 years and I became a driving instructor to help other people on the road be as safe as they can.

My drive is fuelled by my passion to make driving lessons enjoyable and safe for those learning to drive.

Student Focused Driving Lessons

At STAR DRIVERS I believe  the student is the priority when learning to drive.

I believe that when people want to learn how to drive, they are the most important person.

People learn in different ways, so I adapt my teaching methods to make driving more enjoyable and helpful for people who want to learn how to drive.

This helps ensure they will be successful when it is time to take their driving test.

Our Services

Lessons are available in 2 hour slots.

Discounted Block Driving Lesson bookings are also available.

In addition to your Driving Test fee, you will need to book a 3-hour session (Instructors time and use of car for test). 

Areas Covered

Currently offering driving lessons in the Shepton Mallet, Wells, Oakhill, Evercreech,East Pennard, Doulting, North Wootton, Croscombe, West Pennard, Wookey, East Horrington & Cranmore. Please contact us if you are unsure if your location is covered.

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Star Students



  • To make all lessons enjoyable + purposeful
  • To teach independence and confidence
  • To provide teaching to accommodate individual learning styles 
  • To create/ teach safe driving skills for life


Finding a good driving instructor is invaluable.

While it might be tempting to save money and ask a friend or relative to teach you, it could be a false economy.

An expert driving instructor will have a much better idea of what’s expected from you in the test, and the ability to improve your skills over time – and save heated arguments with your friends and family in the process.

Also, a fully qualified driving teacher will have their own car to teach you in which will have dual controls.

Dual controls are where the driving instructor has their own clutch and brake pedals in the passenger footwell, and are able to take over or help out with the controls if they feel you need it at any point.

The most important thing when picking a driving instructor is choosing someone who makes you feel comfortable and happy in the driver's seat, remember you may be spending potentially 40 hours in a car together!

If you do choose a friend or family member they will have to be over the age of 21 and have held a licence for at least three years.

DVSA research shows on average that people require 45 hours of instructional lessons with an instructor and approximately another 22 hours private practice in between lessons in order to be ready to driving test standards.

This is only an average though and shouldn't be something you feel you have to compare yourself to.

Some take fewer and some take longer to feel comfortable and ready to take their test - the important thing is to take the test when you are ready, not being the first one out of your friends to pass.

Your driving instructor will let you know when you are ready, but most of the time you will feel it too - when the time comes you can both come to the decision together and then discuss how best to prepare for your test.


A driving test lasts around 40 minutes.

You can apply for a provisional driving license at any time once you’re over 15 years and nine months old but it only becomes valid when you turn 16.

With a provisional licence you can:

  • At 16 begin the process of learning to ride a moped or light quad bike
  • At 17 begin the process of learning to drive a car

You cannot:

  • Drive in a car without a driving instructor or someone else who fits the legal criteria.

The easiest way to apply is through the provisional driving licence page on the official GOV UK website.

To get a provisional driving licence you will need:

  • To be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away
  • Provide a legitimate form of ID (normally a passport)
  • Provide addresses for where you have lived over the last three years
  • Pay £34 by credit or debit card

Your provisional licence should arrive within a week.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to start reading the Highway Code and begin familiarising yourself with it in preparation for step four, taking your theory test.

When looking for a driving instructor consider what car they use. Is it a manual or an automatic?

While automatics are easier to drive, you won’t legally be able to drive a manual if you pass in an automatic.

Unless you’ve got disabilities preventing you from driving a manual, a manual licence will offer you more flexibility in the future and you can normally find much cheaper manual cars for your first car.

The average learner requires 20 hours of additional practice outside of their driving lessons, so if you’re practicing with family or friends to complement your lessons you may want to consider learner driver insurance.

Learner driver insurance offers flexible short-term cover and can often be purchased by the day, week or month, and in some cases by the hour for learners wishing to practice on a more ad-hoc basis.

This additional practice will normally be done in either yours, a friend's or a parent's car, meaning you will need to be insured as you are behind the wheel without an instructor.

You will also need to be accompanied by a qualified driver who is appropriately insured on the vehicle you’re learning in.


Shepton Mallet, SOMERSET

Currently offering driving lessons in the Shepton Mallet, Wells, Oakhill, Evercreech,East Pennard, Doulting, North Wootton, Croscombe, West Pennard, Wookey, East Horrington & Cranmore, Binegar, Gurney Slade & Stoke St Michael. Please contact us if you are unsure if your location is covered.