Kilver Court Gardens


The gardens at Kilver Court are a hidden gem in the heart of Somerset, carefully maintained for all-year-round public enjoyment. The three-and-a-half-acre complex sits next to an old viaduct that provides impressive architectural backdrops while also serving up stunning plant life including rockeries and parterres as well herbaceous borders or mill pond!

A truly beautiful spot with plenty going on, whether you’re looking for organic vegetables from their hardy border plants or want some peace & quiet sitting under trees inside this beautifully landscaped space where one can enjoy views across rolling countryside The gardens at Kilver Court near Shepton Mallet in Somerset were created in the early 1900s by MP Earnest Jardine. The gardens were the perfect place to escape from daily life for those who worked in the nearby factory.

The former textile factory has been through many transformations over the course of its history. First, it was a 19th-century manufacturing site that produced lace goods, before becoming the headquarters for the Showerings drink company, and then finally in later decades, this building served as a home base for the Mulberry clothing manufacturer.

Constantly shifting ownership brought many changes to the garden, its most recent layout based on a Gold Medal-winning garden seen in the Chelsea Flower Show.

When Roger Saul took over Kilver Court, he transformed it from a rose garden into a box-hedged parterre. His designs were based on classic French geometric patterns found around Paris’s Place des Invalides.

When Roger Saul took over as supervisor of the herbaceous border he supervised an extensive redesign and replanting effort that cost thousands of hours uprooting. The end result is beautiful with gardeners spending many hours putting their skills together for this one unique project!

Kilver Court Gardens has remained open to the public until late 2021 when the Saul family decided to sell the historic gardens, and their temporary closure was announced. Only Kilver Court currently remains open, which has since been converted to a small shopping centre.

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